Addict #17

Stage design, lights and visuals for contemporary rap/trap/bass event with strong visual identity, accent on intensive visuals and lights and original stage design

Generally, I am building my custom audio-reactive video plugins for generating video content live. Programming and live performing lights. Also making designs and visualisations of every setup. Every show has its unique visual concept

For this Addict we built LED screen all over the rear wall and used it to display manipulated live captured 3D avatars of the performers. I developed program to manipulate the Kinect sensors’ data and combined it with camera feeds and generative visuals and effects

Addict founder: Jakub ‘NobodyListen’ Strach Production: Matěj Kretík, Jakub Strach
Visuals, Lights: Lukáš Dřevjaný (oxoo)
Photos: Radek Úlehla, Alexander Hudák, Spoony
Stage design production: Lunchmeat Studio
Technical production & realization: EventSupport