36Q: Blue Hour

An immersive collaborative project initiated by Prague Quadriennial 2019, curated by Markéta Fantová, Jan K. Rolník and supervised by visual artist Romain Tardy

Piece by over 50+ creators from different countries of different fields - lighting design, sound design, video, tactile environment, systems integration, virtual reality, experimental sound

My role was to create 1/4 of the video content projected on semi-transparent screen on the facade of the monumental scaffolding structure. Video was synchronized with sound and lighting

General concept was inspired by circadian rhythm. Our part of the rhythm was being awake, highly focused, effectivite and present. We pushed that scheme into limits where human becomes emotionally deprived to stay hyperfocused on an output. In the visual language, it was represented by strict geometrical structure, color reduction and data visualisation

We created the concept for our part together with lighting designer Paula Castillo Tocornal (Chile, New York) and sound designer Shlomo Benami (Netherlands)

Articles:  mondodr.comrobe.cz