Control @ Prototyp 2021

Interactive audio-visual installation allowing audience to control lights and sound by simple hand gestures. The idea was to give people ability to intuitively control a lighting system (which is usually controlled with complicated tech tools), extend their bodies with light and allow them to feel the monumentality of the space throught the light. The instalation was recording and playing back last person’s imprint until another one came to seize the control

The sound design for the artwork was created by Leoš Hort aka HRTL who used a DIY synth to generate the sounds using the same hand gestures which controlled the lights

Concept & lighting design: Lukáš Dřevjaný (oxoo)
Sound design: Leoš Hort
Graphic design: Sára Hohlová
Production: Prototyp
Photo: Michal Bernátek