Henge @ Signal Festival 2017

Immersive installation inspired by pagan rituals and celebrations connected to year phases and Sun. Core of the installation was semi-transparent led screen with column rigs with moving-heads shooting from outside-in and nine superbright LED strobes

We overused smoke to build a dense environment which amplifies the strong strobe flashes and gets audience  absorbed in indefinite space time. We built upon powerful sound design, created by New Zealand power ambient artist Fis

My part was collaborating on the conceptual and practical side - creating timeline, programming lights and visuals, from model to the actual venue. I was using Ableton for timelining and triggering light and video actions programmed in TouchDesigner. The whole system was running realtime with reactive and generative elements

Piece was presented at Signal Festival 2017

Concept: Jakub Pešek, Lukáš Dřevjaný (oxoo), Oliver Perryman (Fis)
Project production: Lunchmeat Studio
Sound: Oliver Perryman (Fis)
Visuals & lights: Lukáš Dřevjaný
Photos: Jakub Hrab, Jiří Šebek, Jan Tichý, Jan Knot, Ondřej Eliášek