Audio-visual immersive installation inspired by powerful, extraordinary and even life-changing moments . Impact as the physical impact of an object, but also impact in a figurative sense. A strong impulse causing a chain reaction of events. On the one hand there is the accelerated pulse and adrenaline. The reflexes are aroused, the presence takes place in the moment. On the other hand, one can see the space for distance, contemplation and evaluation

The sound design for the artwork was created by Aitcher Clark, a Prague-based producer of electronic music influenced by industrial, techno, ambient and experimental music. A member of the LOFN project, which released its latest piece "Post-Apo Romance" on the prestigious Italian label Veyl Records. His music contains a balanced blend of delicate sensitivity and brutal abilities of muted physicality, a melancholic stream of subtle harmonies, intelligent beats with tension that gradually rise to the edge of opening up to the unknown

Big thx to Signal Festival for epic production!

Little geeky stuff for those who care. The entire piece was programmed and running in Touch Designer. Even sound engine for spatial 8ch sound was running there. There were multiple timelines synchronized over multiple instances of TD running at the same time. Realtime previz was made in Unreal Engine by sending actual video and dmx signals for LED screen, LED tubes, moving heads, strobes and smokemachines

Art direction, setup, visuals & lighting design:
Lukáš Dřevjaný (oxoo)
Sound design: Aitcher Clark
Graphic design: Sára Hohlová
Production: Signal Festival
Tech production: Signal Festival, Force Production
Partner: World of Tanks
Photo: Jiří Královec, Jiří Šebek, Tomáš Slavík