Nexus is a custom-developed modular lighting system with an ability to display volumetric content, meaning the light can travel through the structure in three dimensions. It’s modular character gives possibility to build various shapes of structures and adapt the shape to grow upon surfaces in the given environment

The system takes inspiration in natural organic systems similar to neural networks and mycelium, where electric signals or substances are constantly being distributed throughout the network. Individual components work in synergy to provide for the whole system

The main concept of the system was created on self-initiated residence by Luboš Zbranek, David Minařík, Michal Mitro and Lukáš Dřevjaný

The project was finalized in collaboration with PrusaLab & Signal Festival after winning Signal Calling open call. First presentation of Nexus was at Signal Festival 2023 at Kasárna Karlín, Prague

Big Thanks to PrusaLab for accelerating this project and Signal Festival for the opportunity to present it!

Also big thanks goes to Tommy Etkin for creating RayTK library inside Touch Designer which we used for building volumetric content

Concept: Luboš Zbranek, Michal Mitro, David Minařík, Lukáš Dřevjaný (oxoo)
Art Direction: Luboš Zbranek, Michal Mitro, David Minařík, Lukáš Dřevjaný
Sound Design: Maurício Lobo
Sotware development: Lukáš Dřevjaný
Programming: Lukáš Dřevjaný
Tech Development: Luboš Zbranek, PrusaLab, Lukáš Dřevjaný
Manufacture: PrusaLab
Production: Signal Festival, PrusaLab, Lukáš Dřevjaný
Photos: Luboš Zbranek, Dušan Vondra, Tomáš Slavík, Viktor Schwing