Via Concept store

Design and realization of lighting for concept store in a heart of Prague

We were going through visualisation phase using photogrammetry to ease the modelling process and catch properly dimensions and details of the space. Then experimenting with different shapes of lighting in a game engine, walking through the virtual representation of the actual space and going through different scenarios

The space itself is a dungeon with multiple rooms and since it was important for the lighting to illuminate the merchandise near walls the design became a continuos object running along and through the walls connecting the whole space together

The system cosist of very bright monochrome linear sources for visibility and multi-color continuous object which creates immersive atmospheres

Lighting Design & Realization: Lukáš Dřevjaný (oxoo)
Pre-visualisation: Lukáš Dřevjaný (oxoo)
Photo: Alexander Hudák, Via Concept Store, oxoo