Vū +PRVNTK @Lunchmeat Festival 2020

This year of Lunchmeat Festival was full of unexpected last minute changes which turned into great collabs. It was also last event before whole club scene got shut down (for epidemic reasons ofc)

One of those great last minute collabs was Vū+PRVNTK gig with my improvised live visuals and lights. It was just one of those moments, when energy of performers fully resonates and the resonation shakes the spaces and atmospere in it)

There was also an interesting geeky part of the Festival lighting setup controlled with hand gestures thru Leap Motion sensor processed with Touch Designer. The idea was to control the lighting intuitively with simple hand movements and gestures - like a puppeteer (for more info, check Control)

Also using Touch Designer to hack GMA2 lighting console with some advanced audio-reactivity since the original GMA2 audio engine is too poor to satisfy the needs of master blaster next level spatial dynamics

Photo: Jakub Doležal, Jan Rozsypal, Ondřej Eliášek